The Family


We are a Franco-German family: Eva, Elise, Neli and Manfred came from Germany over thirty years ago, and Richard is from Touraine, in Northern France.


The Family on La Bastide


We are not from the countryside, but in 1974 we chose to establish ourselves in agriculture in the Aude department in the South of France. Since then we have been progressively restoring the hamlet in ruins. Some of the buildings have been converted into guestrooms and small dormitories.


Our main agricultural activity is raising Gascon cows. We sell a part of our production for direct sale.


We also have laying hens, several vegetable gardens as well as fruit trees and berries to make homemade jam.


Eva and Neli prepare meals for our country table from the products of the farm, Richard ensures the reception of our guests and advises them for their activities and hiking trails, and Manfred takes care of the cattle and crops, supported by our apprentice Xavier. In the younger generation, Géraldine is currently in the process of taking over the farm.


The Family on La Bastide