Accueil Paysan



We are members of « Accueil Paysan », a network of farmers and rural dwellers who share the same convictions. They want to promote sustainable family farming and tourism that allows them to live a decent life whereever they live.


Why do we adhere to  « Accueil Paysan »?

Our idea of ​​hospitality could not be satisfied with a purely commercial relationship with our guests. We wish to talk about our farming, to explain our choices, to discuss the nature of our activism. We wish to focus on the convivial side of the relationship with our guests.


"Sustainable family farming for food sovereignty"

"A place of life and encounter"

"A commitment in solidarity for a fair project"

"Practices that respect the environment and biodiversity"



You can also visit our page on the Accueil Paysan- website.


Code of Ethics


1 – Accueil Paysan is an integral part of farming. It brings together in solidarity and respect for the environment farmers, retired farmers, rural dwellers and fishermen.


2 -Accueil Paysan initiates communication. The welcoming farmer explains his work, informs about his environment and his relationship to the land.


3 - Accueil Paysan is originated, organized and run by those which it makes live.


4 -  Accueil Paysan is practiced in a spirit of exchange and mutual respect.


5 - Accueil Paysan is a factor of local development, it sustains life in rural areas.


6 - Accueil Paysan wants to be open and accessible to all.


7 – The welcoming farmer guarantees the origin and quality of the farm products he offers.


8 - Accueil Paysan provides a degree of comfort adapted to the local standard.


9 - Accueil Paysan, with all the farmers of the world, is international.