The Hamlet


Templar Hamlet

The hamlet of La Bastide was founded in the thirteenth century by the Templar Knights  It is built along the lines of walled towns in three straight lines of houses back to back. The first inhabitants were farmers who produced food for the Templars.


In the early twentieth century 22 families lived there, every house was a farm in its own right, with the animals on the ground-floor, on the first floor the entire family, and under the roof the hay for the winter.

The main agricultural activity in La Bastide has always been cattle breeding: sheep, goats and some cows.

In the 50's during the rural exodus, the village was emptied of its inhabitants, and when Elise, Eva, Neli, Manfred and Richard arrived in the region, it was abandoned for several years.

Since we arrived, we gradually have been restoring the buildings.