Our Cows


Grazing Cows

Currently, the herd has 80 cows, 25 heifers and three bulls.

Our cows are fed grass. Be grazed in summer, either as hay or haylage in the winter, the grass is the only food of the herd.

Animals for fattening are complemented with cereals and pulses - guaranteed GMO-free!


Gasconne Cow



Our cows are Gascon-cows. The Gascon is the dominant race in the Pyrenees.


In various climatic zones of the world characterized by high temperatures, cattle populations have developed a gray-black dress and black mucous. This feature gives the Gascon better adaptation to extreme temperatures.





Cows and Calves

The Gascon cow has inherited the qualities of its original adaptation of its past under difficult conditions of the Pyrenees: Solid feet based on resistant black hooves. It is particularly the quality of his hooves which allows the Gascon to externalize its ability to cover large areas, to the heights of summer pastures when the grass becomes scarce. The Gascon is perfectly suited to the extensive livestock system.




Cows in the Mountains in Winter


The Gascon is able to benefit from any type of forage. It can spend the winter with roughage without supplementation, and without affecting its performance in reproduction.





In summer, when the Corbières are burned by the sun, a part of the herd spends a few months on the summer pastures of the Pyrenees.

Cows in the Montains in Summer